We will soon be launching our online Emanate Wellbeing Online community platform to provide you with what you need when you need it. As we grow we will include on-line courses, resources and products, for those who live overseas or travel. You don't have to be alone anymore to gain self empowerment!


Within the Emanate Wellbeing Online Community, you can bring your challenges, your wins and your questions, because it's time to get clear, and be celebrated!

Live Events

It can be hard to find people who 'get it' when you're on the path of self-discovery. Increasingly our clients and students report that they don't feel comfortable discussing their experiences, thoughts and revelations with the people at work or in the family, what we call their eco-system. No need to worry as you can now connect with like-spirited people, who are also on their own journey of transformation and evolution. No judgement, no worries.


We understand that the work doesn't stop when you leave the class, session or workshop. At Emanate Wellbeing we are dedicated to giving you the tools to excel and prosper in your life, increasing your overall health and wellbeing, be that spiritual, emotional, mental or physical, no matter who you are with, what you're doing, and where your journey takes you.


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