Fiona Weatherhead

Soul Empowerment Coach
Akashic Record Healer
Intuitive Development Teacher
Women’s Circles Facilitator
Podcast Host Co-creator of MavenWoman Meditation Teacher

Fiona has been working as a practitioner for 12 years. She is an Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Soul Coach and creator of Soul Awakening - healing through the Akashic Records. She is passionate about helping others to connect to and work with their own intuition to create lives filled with joy and happiness.

Through the sessions she offers, you are invited to clear old layers of fear, limitation, lack and pain and take a journey inwards to reconnect with Self. The Soul Awakening Sessions that Fiona has developed over many years and with hundreds of clients, takes you into your own Akashic Record. From this place you can discover your Soul gifts, challenges, woundings and the driving energies that create abundance in your life. You will receive clear and precise information on the blocks that are stopping you manifesting the life that you desire, and you will also receive a powerful clearing process to clear these blocks.

Fiona regularly appeared on television as an Intuitive Counsellor and has been trained in many different healing modalities including Energy Healing, Past Life Regression, Akashic Records Facilitating & is a Reiki Master (Traditional Usui line). She holds a deep understanding of working with your emotional and mental bodies and the root causes of many illnesses held at that level.

Her own journey towards a healthy life has led her to explore the many different levels in which we need to work, in order to gain physical health and wellbeing. She has taught her popular Intuition with Ease programme for the last 7 years - a journey into self-empowerment through learning how to develop your intuition, be guided by your heart and discover the power, wholeness and love that exists within.


As the co-creator of MavenWoman Fiona is also developing a community of likesouled women who are feeling the call to step into their Maven power, in mutual love and support for one another. Over the last few years she has facilitated many women’s circles and Retreats, that focus on deepening and strengthening the connection to Self. Fiona works in a practical and down to earth way, focusing on clear and precise channelled guidance and information.


She is passionate about helping others to unlock the blocks and limitations that prevent them from living a life of joy and abundance. Through her own healing journey of self-discovery, she uncovered the key to happiness, by truly understanding the truth of who she is at Soul level.


Fiona works consciously towards empowering her clients to reawaken to the gifts they hold within their own Souls, align to their truth and step into a life of limitless joy and happiness.


Fiona's Sessions:

  • Soul Awakening Session

  • Soul Guidance Session

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