Jackie Nugara

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Jackie has been a Life and Business Coach, Counsellor & Psychotherapist in Private Practice for 19 years. Jackie has practiced as a Coach both in Sydney and in London. For the past 10 years she has specialised as a Psychotherapist working with complex trauma and PTSD. She has done extensive training both in Australia and the United States. Jackie uses Brain Based Therapies such as EMDR and Brainspotting to effectively rewire client’s brains and nervous systems so they are able to put the past in the past and to live more in the present. 

“These therapies have helped me enormously as I had my own history with complex trauma and abuse in my family home up to the age of 22. I began my own healing journey when I was 28 after suffering with undiagnosed complex PTSD for over 20 years. I continue to do my own healing today.” 

Since her early years Jackie has always been deeply spiritual and has done whatever she can to make a difference to help other’s heal. She’s psychic and highly intuitive and is passionate about bringing spirituality and science together. When working with client’s she creates a safe space for deep healing. 

She also loves Astrology and has been studying it for years and does formal readings as a sideline to her Psychotherapy practice. She loves nature, summer, the beach, hanging out with her dog Macy, socialising and travelling. 

“Through my own journey of healing from complex trauma, and a deep understanding of human behaviour, human attachments and relationships I feel my mission is to bring greater healing to other human being’s and this planet through the work I do.” 

Jackie is passionate about educating as many people as she can about their brain, Neuroplasticity and how the brain can change and and our innate capacity to heal from our wounding or traumatising experiences. She is all about helping others to heal in order to lead happy and fulfilled lives. She takes complex therapeutic approaches and presents her workshops in a way that everyone can understand and apply to their own life.


Through her own healing journey she is an example that we can change and we can heal, no matter what we have experienced in our past and reach a level of self empowerment. 

Jackie’s Workshops and Programs 

  • The Rich Hippy - how to live a rich, free, happy and abundant life using the law of Attraction and Neuroscience 

  • The Rich Hippy Relationships - how to create healthy, safe, vibrant and lost lasting intimate relationships & deeper connections by understanding the Neurobiology of attachment. 


Jackie is available for Life, Business & Executive Coaching Sessions on Monday’s 

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We blend spiritual philosophies with real life practical, science based offerings to provide real life solutions to some of the  biggest challenges being faced by each individual in our modern world.  From relationship challenges, to work based stress and anxiety. We evolve our products and services on a ongoing basis to adapt what we offer so that we can all shine a bit more light into the world.  From energy healings and intuitive guidance, to neuroscience and embodiment therapies. 

Services are currenlty offered via one-one-one services, intimate groups, and larger community events.

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