Right now we are more connected online than we have ever been but more disconnected in our interpersonal relationships.  Loneliness, depression and related mental health challenges are increasing every year.  Our young people are facing even bigger challenges that we have not even been able to quantify yet, and suicide rates in teenagers are truly shocking.


Positive psychology and longevity research is supporting what we have all felt inside us for a long time, that the quality of our relationships has a significant impact on our wellbeing, and that is why we are making it a key focus area at Emanate Wellbeing.  We also recognise and embrace the power of a positive empowering community and welcome you to become a part of it.


We are committed to creating a safe space to explore your relationships and we are delivering programs and services that will educate and bring a much greater awareness to the relationship challenges that you may be facing, enabling growth and personal transformation.  Our Rich Hippy Relationships program provides an incredible diverse insight into the theories and research behind relationships and then applies this to our modern lives and focuses on how you can get your relationship needs met in the real world, whilst maintaining your own autonomy and connection with your own body, spirit, and emotions. 


“The answer to all of humanity’s yearning is connection.  “Above all else we seek connection – with parts of ourselves that we have repressed, with other people and with the larger universe.”  We cannot experience life in its fullness unless we have an intimate relationship with another human being and, beyond that, a feeling of connection with the world around us. “ Harville Hendrix, Getting the Love you Want. 


Our programs and coaching packages don’t just look at your connection to your nearest and dearest, they also consider how connected you are to your environment, and most importantly how connected you are to yourself, to your hopes, to your dreams, to your body, to your spirit and what lights you up, and to your emotions – and we don’t just mean the good ones.  At Emanate Wellbeing we encourage each person to acknowledge and embrace and express all parts of ourselves on a journey back to being whole. 


We have created an online community that we will be launching soon, to create an ongoing connection to like-minded people.  Learn more here.


In-to-me–see.  When did you last look directly into the eyes of someone very close to you for an extended amount of time and how did it make you feel?


Many of us fear intimacy and we are not sure how to truly connect to our partners, to others or even to ourselves.  Tantric practices can really help with this, and we will be introducing tips and strategies that can help you become more comfortable with intimacy. 


We will also be exploring how our sex lives can be awesome, and how we can invite more pleasure into our everyday lives, and not just the once a year holiday. 


A conscious intimate relationship where both partners are committed and aligned can be the greatest gift to our personal journey, yet they can also be the hardest most challenging thing we will likely ever experience – matters of the heart can


Sometimes there is something deeper that we need to overcome from past trauma or past relationships or challenges that we have been through or are going through.  Our dedicated, professional coaches are equipped to support and empower you through your own unique journey, bringing greater clarity and integration to your personal challenges, to move you closer to getting your personal needs met.  View our coaching sessions options here.


Are you connected with your inner Goddess/Warrior?  Are you connected to your creativity, to the flow of life, to nature, to that fire in your belly?  Sometimes if we reject or suppress parts of ourselves   


Are you comfortable talking about and feeling your sexual energy, or, like many of us, do you feel it has been suppressed so that you con conform to the norms of society.  Or are you finding that other things always come first before sex or personal pleasure.  Or are you numbing yourself with alcohol?


At Emanate Wellbeing we recognize the power of sexual energy and we are developing programs and a thriving community that will encourage everyone to have a greater connection to their personal expression of their sexuality.


We also embrace all sexual preferences and unions, and we celebrate diversity.  Everyone should feel free to express their sexuality in a way that is true to them.


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