Our modern world seems to be built to amplify stress, from busy family schedules, and demanding work targets, to feeling like you need to have it all. Unfortunately our bodies can't differentiate between a sabre tooth tiger and a traffic jam. This leads us down the road of chronic stress conditions, which is considered by some to be the number one contributing factor to poor health. Enough is enough, and at Emanate Wellbeing we say "Stop!'. We can help you with methods and tools to bring more calm into your daily life.


Real Life Retreats are a way to take time out, to renew, recharge and re-evaluate what are the most important aspects of your life. With gentle processes, yoga, meditation, and research based information, it's a whole day to spend just being you, and letting all else melt away. You will leave equipped with the transferrable, practical tools you need to take with you, into your everyday life.

Real Life Retreats

Anxiety is future based and tends to be the result of a fear connected to a thought, situation or event, that has not yet taken place. So you are creating suffering over something that has yet to happen. No wonder so many people feel exhausted and overwhelmed all the time! Emanate Wellbeing can teach you how to be more present, more mindful and less reactive to your thoughts and emotions, which may or may not even be true, leading you to a place of trusting your own intuition coming from a place of self empowerment.


Tips, tools and support where and when you need it. That's what we all want, right? Well we've heard you and have created an online support system to enhance your face to face learning and sessions.


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